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Current Sensor 30 Amp
Current Sensor 30 Amp

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Arduino Pro

Seeeduino Mega
Seeeduino Mega

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Arduino Educational Kit
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Arduino Educational Kit

Price per Unit (piece): $49.95

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This kit comes with several kinds of sensors that will help you learn the process of interfacing with an Arduino.  With different LEDs for outputs, as well as photo, and thermo inputs, this kit will help you understand different types of input/output devices used with Arduino.

1 x Arduino Uno board (Based on ATMEGA328)

1 x Full Size Solderless Breadboard

12 x Flexible Wire Jumpers

6 x Difussed LEDs (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white)

5 x 330 Ohm Resistors

1 x 10k Linear Trimming Potentiometer

1 x Photoresistor 5k - 20M Ohm

1 x Thermistor.  10K Ohm at 25C

1 x Tactile Push Button

1 x Arduino feet

1 x 6' USB 2.0 Cable for programming and powering the board


See our Arduino getting started guide.



This product is currently not available.

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