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Current Sensor 30 Amp
Current Sensor 30 Amp

Arduino Pro
Arduino Pro

Seeeduino Mega
Seeeduino Mega

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Accessorize your Arduino!

Arduino Legs

Raise your Arduino off of your workbench! Avoid shorts with solder balls, snipped wires, pennies... etc.
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Arduino Mini USB

USB to Serial device that is breadboardable.
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BlinkM MaxM

This unit is like the BlinkM, only MUCH brighter!
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Wixel Wireless USB Module

Wixel Wireless USB Module from Pololu is a great little general purpose wireless device that allows you to send data to/from remote nodes. It is well documented and easy to use. See the Wixel Arduino Shield if you want to use this with your Arduino.
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Wixel Wireless Arduino Shield

Wixel Wireless Arduino Shield. This Arduino shield accepts the handy Wixel wireless USB module, which allows you to wirelessly control and program your Arduino board.
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